Your thing isn’t working, I see a lot of recent news.

That is unfortunately out of our control. It would be working if people who wrote articles were honest with the date of the written content, but unfortunately many people want to be the “first/last” article written about said topic and set a fake date, so we just have to ignore those posts. Learning to filter through sources is a valuable skill, so with optimism, we try to consider this a learning opportunity.

What is the purpose of this? I can already do this with a custom google search.

We’re using this as an exercise in out-of-the-box thinking. The goal is to reframe search in a curious and unique way, which ideally inspires other creative ideas and solutions. In many ways, we’re just highlighting the fact that we have the resources to search specific years of history every day.

The whole goal here is to get you out of your comfort zone and try something different. You have these resources to search specific years of history every day. You’ve always had access, but we think there’s value in out of the box thinking.

Why is the kerning so messy in the word “search”?

Oof, you caught us. We’re a small team building fun scrappy projects. If every word had the correct spacing between letters we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals of world domination ahem building agency increasing tools.